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This land, rooted in the heart of a region known worldwide for its natural wilderness and the beauty of its landscapes, is home to the six largest eskers in Northwestern Quebec. Occupying more that 4% of the RCM of Abitibi, these rare geological formations are glaciers’ remnants and sources of water of rare purity and quality.

For thousands of years, the lakes and rivers crisscrossing Abitibi-Témiscamingue have been closely related to the lifestyle and travels of First Peoples who have occupied it for over 8,000 years but also to the economic, social, and cultural development of this vast region and our societies.


A water-discovery route

Tourisme Amos-Harricana, driven by a desire to reveal the abundance and uniqueness of this natural wealth, has aspired to the creation of a universe dedicated to promoting awareness and education of people on the many benefits of water, the respect due to this fragile resource and its significance and importance for humans, fauna, and flora…for all components of the environment.